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Meet WebDiscover

Rediscover the web

A sleek search bar tucked at the top of your desktop, WebDiscover enables you to search the web like never before: With one click. Plus, it comes packed with all the features and settings you know and love in your browsing experience. So, call off the search party and stop minimizing windows to find your browser. It’s right here.


Everything you want in a browser—and more

We built WebDiscover from Chromium’s open-source browser, which means we offer all of the features that are gold standard in a browser. But it doesn’t end there.


Search the web faster

With the lightning-fast speed Chromium is known for—and the convenience of WebDiscover’s desktop location—you’ll get your search results faster than ever before.

Chrome Extensions

Customize your browser

We all know a browsing experience is about more than the search. Install Chrome extensions to personalize WebDiscover to your needs.


Bookmark your go-tos

When you find what you’re searching for, bookmark that. You can save your searches and go-to sites to your bookmarks for quick, one-click reference.

Incognito Mode

Keep your searches private

WebDiscover takes your privacy seriously with incognito mode: Search the web without worrying about your browsing history, cookies or personal information.

Saved Passwords

Save your everyday info

From your passwords to your credit card digits, WebDiscover securely saves the information you use most, so you can get things done faster.


Rest (and browse) easy

Powered by the web’s most trusted, secure browsers, WebDiscover automatically protects you from the dark side of the web, so you can rest (and browse) easy.